IGW-08 Infinite Girl's Wrestling 08


A sexy and erotic showdown incorporating plenty of sexy moves!!

Adult and sexy fighter Kawanami Misuzu enters the ring of Infinity X! Against her is the petite but aggressive Anzu Karen. Although at a disadvantage in physique, Anzu provocatively challenges Kawanami and shows a cruel attack without hesitation.

She is not a heel, but a fighter with a sadistic side! Anzu, who noticed Kawanami's slightly high-leg costume, practices sexy and humiliating techniques by exposing Kawanami's hips by force and inflicting physical and mental pain!

Kawanami moans in agony, but without fixing her exposed hips, she counterattacks with sexy moves such as actively spreading her legs and pressing her exposed hips against Anzu's face!

It becomes a fierce and sexy fight with a parade of sexy moves that are unique to the series!

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