BHT-01 Heel Showdown - The Most Ferocious Fight Vol.1


The evil heel tag team "Wild Cats," consisting of two members, Reo Kosaka and Miku Oguri, continued their unstoppable winning streak. However, in a certain match, Oguri's weapon attack accidentally hit Kosaka twice, causing their partnership to dissolve in mid-air. Angry and with a score to settle, Kosaka left the ring, abandoning Oguri to suffer from joint attacks.

The grudge between them grew stronger every day, and they continued to harbor animosity towards their opponents. Finally, the two most hated heel wrestlers were set to face each other in a match. It was a no-disqualification, no-time-limit, one-fall-to-finish match.

The fight was a brawl, with punches, weapon attacks, and out-of-ring brawling. The emotions were raw, and it was a merciless battle to see who was the strongest and most evil. This was not a professional wrestling match, but a ruthless duel, with each fighter risking their pride to win.

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