BIC-02 Lewd Battle Colosseum 02 Luka vs Karin


A true lesbian battle begins, where we continue to fight and bring each other to orgasm until our opponent collapses in pleasure. The exchange of orgasms goes back and forth ten times, opening the door to an endless battle of pleasure.

All matches are broadcasted worldwide through cameras installed in the Colosseum...

"The Lewd Fighting Colosseum" provides a battleground for women to compete against each other and stream their battles exclusively to members of this underground website. The only rule is to continue bringing your opponent to orgasm until they can no longer move. Winning by simply bringing your opponent to orgasm once is not enough; the Lewd Fighting Colosseum is not a place for weak fighters.

"I am stronger than anyone else..." This is the emotion every woman possesses when they fight. Our website provides a Colosseum where you can clash with others and release that emotion.

● A battle with absolute victory
We don't accept half-hearted victories. We only recognize absolute victories. A weak battle where victory is determined by just one orgasm is not allowed. Only when you dominate your opponent's mind, make them admit defeat, and render them unable to fight again can you be recognized as the "winner".

This is a world completely different from any other lesbian battle before, where the ultimate lewd battle pursues the limits of both physical and mental stamina of the symbols of beauty and lesbian fighters! Can your crotch withstand the impact of this Colosseum?

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