BKI-04 Hip Destruction!! 4: Promising Rookie Wrestler Sayu Koizumi


"Broken Waist, Fallen Rookie"

With ruthless professional wrestling techniques, the male wrestlers mercilessly attack the waist of female wrestlers, leaving them in both physical and mental agony with the "waist destruction!!" move. The target this time is Sayu Koizumi, who is making her debut in professional wrestling. Despite knowing that her opponent is a man, she shows a strong attitude. However, even this feisty beauty is left broken and battered after her waist is destroyed.

Promising fair-skinned female wrestler Sayu Koizumi falls to the ground.
With techniques such as the Boston Crab and the Argentine Backbreaker, which cause high damage to the waist, the strong male wrestlers continue to apply the "waist destruction!!" move on female wrestlers. This time, their target is the beautiful wrestler Sayu Koizumi, who is making her debut. Although she is a tough woman who does not back down, she is eventually bent and broken from her waist down. Unable to even breathe, she becomes a plaything for the men. In the face of waist destruction, everything is reduced to nothing but fate.

[Sayu Koizumi]
A strong-willed fair-skinned wrestler with big breasts, despite her appearance. She is happy to hear that this is her debut match, but...

A brutal attack on a rookie wrestler!!

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