BBR-02 Female Boxing Loser Humiliation Lesbian Abuse Vol.2


Women’s Boxing Humiliating Lesbian humiliation Vol.2

Women’s boxing match! The loser is subjected to lesbian play while being punched!! Punishment for the miserable loser! Clamshell and breast punches!!

Rina Fukada from WUW enters the ring for a battle in boxing!! Intense lesbian play!!

A serious match between women!! If you lose in boxing, the winner gives you a finishing lesbian play!! Spit out the mouthpiece and drool!! Watch the women with speedy movements, down on their knees, struggling to get up with a pained expression!! The intense and erotic lesbian play after the victory or defeat is a must-see!! Fukada, WUW’s ace, and Makoto, the battle representative with fair skin and big breasts, compete against each other, risking their pride!!

Boxing bet on pride!!

Fukada, WUW’s ace, enters the battle ring!! Makoto, a curvy, big-breasted woman, responds as the battle representative!! Makoto aims for Fukada’s weakness and boasts that she will defeat her. Fukada remains strong, saying that she will beat her up, even though Makoto is from another team. It’s a battle of pride!! Makoto courageously takes on Fukada’s heavy attacks, striking back and hitting her mark. However, Fukada’s heavy attacks gradually accumulate on Makoto’s body…

~Match rules~
●Free knockdown system●With intervals

The loser becomes even more pathetic! Stripped of her bikini, she suffers and gasps in the depths of humiliation!! A right uppercut strikes her face!! A strong hit to the groin!! Violated while looking down on the loser!! Dominating the opponent with kissing humiliation!! The pleasure of humiliating the loser!! Making obscene noises as their groins rub together!! The contrast between the winner and the loser!! The right straight punch hits right on target!! It was a back-and-forth battle, but stamina gradually runs out…

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