FGV-91 Fighting Girls Vol.16 2016.4.16 The Final [Part 2]


5 and a half years of culmination, finally the ultimate performance
And towards the legend...
The Fighting Girls, who have fought numerous heated battles, will finally have their last match to show their gratitude for their journey so far!!
The second half of the two matches that were held live are recorded!!

On April 16, 2016, "Fighting Girls 16 The Final" was held.
This production records the "second half of the two matches" from that event. In addition, this time, the FG title match was decided to be held by the sudden intrusion of Aragaki!! The footage of that intrusion is also included. Although there are only two matches, the content is perfect!!! You cannot talk about Fighting Girls without seeing the main and semi-final matches!!!

[Match 4, Semi-Final: Gold Experience]
Mao Kaneshiro (former FG champion with a winning streak record) vs Shiainko (sadistic older sister gravure idol)
From the nightmare of FG13, the legendary player, Mao Kaneshiro, who holds the record for the most consecutive wins, has returned!! On the other hand, the powerful active gravure idol, Shiainko, who can handle techniques in all areas, is her opponent!! Both of their fighting abilities and experience are suitable for a semi-final!! They are not only full of momentum, but also have a modest understanding of the essence of the game, and can get excited with their authentic pro wrestling fight between active gravure idols!!

[Match 5, FG Title Match: The Final]
YUE (former third-generation FG champion) vs Hitomi Aragaki (uncrowned empress)
Last year's YUE and Aragaki's title match achieved record-breaking sales, demonstrating that both of them are truly at the top of the industry. What is the essence of FG's fight? The battle between the one who posed the question and the one who carries the burden will finally reach its climax!! This is the match that will put a period on the history of Fighting Girls. The best and final fight of the two who were raised on the FG mat and broke out will involve the audience in a swirl of emotion, leading to a happy ending!

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