BXD-01 June 11, 2016 Battle Honpo Store Event Commemorative Special MIX Domination Match 1


On June 11th, in commemoration of a store event, two fierce fighters will be dominated!!

An absolute no-win situation!! A complete domination match that tastes the wall between male and female!

First match: Mihomu Tsuno vs. male wrestler
Even Tsuno, who is participating in the store event to be held on June 11th, falls prey to the fangs of a male wrestler. Her beautiful face twists in agony and it's erotic!!! Tsuno is lifted up and thoroughly attacked with techniques, leaving her battered and bruised. Her white ring shoes and striped refreshing ring costume stand out in this cruel ring, creating an even sexier atmosphere!!
The male wrestler relentlessly attacks with pro-wrestling techniques!! Tsuno's spirit breaks, and she loses all strength to fight back...she becomes a defeated dog!!!

Second match: Haruna Ikoma vs. male wrestler
Even Ikoma, who has the strongest physical ability in the world of women, is like a child in front of a man!! Her strong and cool figure is humiliated here...!!!
Ikoma's moans echo throughout the ring. Her white and black polka dot ring costume that clearly shows her body lines highlights the eroticism and the heartbreaking scene of a cool woman's pride being torn apart is unforgettable!!
Not only defeated, but her ring costume is also taken off and her chest is exposed... it's a humiliation for those who seek strength!!!

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