BMCM-01 Battle master's challenge match 1


Idol wrestler Naoki Kirigaya challenges the superior fighter Kaikūka!

Kirigaya suffered a defeat in an idol wrestler showdown, and while she is a beautiful fighter with fair skin and a plump figure, she is still far from being a top-tier wrestler. Her fighting style is still considered to be focused on looks rather than actual skill.

However, Kirigaya unexpectedly receives a chance to challenge Kaikūka, a highly skilled fighter with a pure fighting ability that could easily earn her a championship belt if she had the opportunity. The difference in experience and skill between the two is as vast as the sky and the earth, posing a tremendous obstacle for the inexperienced Kirigaya.

Nevertheless, this challenge also presents an excellent opportunity for Kirigaya to prove her worth as a wrestler. She has been practicing hard for this fight, and manages to execute successful throws against Kaikūka. However, she is hit by a fierce counterattack.

Will Kirigaya be completely defeated by her overwhelmingly superior opponent, or will she manage to score an unexpected upset victory against this skilled fighter?

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