BJD-01 Complete Submission Domination of Female Wrestlers Vol.1


Break the nose of a proud female wrestler, make her beg for forgiveness, and inflict emotional pain until she exposes a pitiful and miserable appearance!! Complete submission of an invincible female wrestler!! Numerous humiliating acts that shatter pride!! Nanami Aiba, a young wrestler who shows an innocent expression, has outstanding skills. She keeps winning against her peers and veteran wrestlers with ease. She boldly challenges not only female wrestlers due to lack of opponents but also male wrestlers and overwhelmingly defeats them. With her solid skills and records as her weapons, her self-esteem and pride are built up. Her opponent this time is a seemingly timid man. Irritated by his lack of fighting spirit, she challenges him to an "I Quit" match, in which the match continues until the opponent says "I give up, please forgive me." However, this became her own undoing. In the beginning, she dominates the match and inflicts severe damage to the male wrestler, but he makes a comeback. He focuses on attacking her knees, causing her to be in a state where it's not even easy to stand up. Furthermore, he suddenly launches vicious attacks such as hitting her stomach, strangling her neck, and using weapons, despite seeming timid before the match. Aiba cannot accept her own defeat due to her pride, and she continues to endure the male wrestler's attacks. However, she can't withstand his relentless assault and finally utters the word "I give up," which is the first time she has ever said it since her debut. But she can't end the match until she says "I give up, please forgive me."
Pouring water on them! Crawling naked between someone's legs!

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