BKF-02 Knockout Fight 02


One match, but the winner changes at the last minute!?
Recorded from different angles of the same match! A work that satisfies all desires to fully enjoy every part!!

Riri Momoka's master was planning to train Kaoru Kira as well, but Riri interrupts and objects, thinking that only she should inherit her master's techniques. She picks a fight with Kira, who she sees as just another woman trying to steal her master away. Kira, who has no idea what's going on, is irritated by Riri's attitude and accepts the challenge. The two clash, disregarding their master. However, no winner is decided on the spot, so they agree to settle the score in the ring! Riri, who has been taught solid techniques by her master, seems to have an advantage, but Kira's superior physique, standing tall at 175cm, gives her an edge. Who will come out on top?!

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