BODM-07 Man Wins: Domination Mix Fight 7


Surviving a harsh survival and achieving the glory of victory, who will be the one to do it? Four unique wrestlers have stepped forward to participate in the grueling one-day tournament wrestling match! Who will become the honorable winner of the fourth tournament?

"Women's Pro Wrestling ONE DAY TOURNAMENT," supervised by C.Ronald, is a competition format where the finals are fought in one day. The rules include no time limit, one fall, three counts, no give-up, and no disqualification. The three matches, including the first match, the second match, and the final match between the two winners, are recorded. Which wrestler will grab the crown of victory at the end of the brutal fight?

The new generation of leaders collided in WAR6, which shook the industry after WAR5, and the announcement of the third SSSGP event marked a tumultuous era. It is no exaggeration to say that this era was brought about by young star wrestlers who appeared like glittering stars. The new wave is now hot!!! And this tournament is for rookies aiming to be tomorrow's stars!! They risk their dreams for a handful of breakout seats, as the path to success is challenging!! The leading candidate for the championship is the beautiful "Zombie" fighter, "Yuki Takarabe," who had one of the best matches of the year in WUW. She aims to win her first championship with her solid attacks and abnormal stamina!! On the other hand, three rookie SSS girls are eagerly eyeing the necks of famous wrestlers!! Newbie training and star discovery are the cornerstones of the industry's history!! Will they flourish after this tournament, or will they wilt like flowers...?!! The crucible of battle weaves together the fighters who desire the title above all else!!!

First Match: Tough-girl "Yuka Hayama" vs. WUW's beauty "Yuki Takarabe" - Takarabe, the pure-hearted wrestler of the group, who showed a brutal fight with Fukada in WUW, confronts SSS-born tough gal Hayama!! Although Takarabe seems to be at a disadvantage due to her physique, the match takes an unexpected turn... A new aspect of Takarabe, "the beauty of taking a hit," emerges, and the game becomes chaotic!!

Second Match: Orthodox Strong Style "Lisa Goto" vs. Steel Woman "Nao Asakura" - C.Ronald's talent-rich orthodox wrestler, Lisa Goto, challenges the 1Day Tournament!! On the other hand, Nao Asakura, a power fighter covered in muscles, enters the ring!! Both are talented, but they lack experience in real professional wrestling, leading to a close battle!! Run up to the finals to secure the position of the new heroine!!!

In this tournament, two rookie wrestlers and two skilled wrestlers participate, fighting for the championship! Of note is the delusional women's pro wrestling, the "P...

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