BSY-10 Sexy Style Battle Vol.10


Two wrestlers with a senior-junior relationship despite meeting for the first time, engage in a fiercely erotic pro wrestling match in sexy costumes!

The two are making their debut in the ring, but outside of the battle, they have never met before and have a senior-junior relationship...? The senior, Rabu Saotome, exudes the dignity of a veteran despite being a newcomer in the battle! The junior, Azusa Tojo, does not hesitate to speak her mind to her senior, even though they have never met before. However, this attitude does not sit well with Rabu. But in the ring, seniority or juniority does not matter when deciding the winner!

Both are wearing sexy costumes that expose their buttocks in T-backs. Azusa wears an even more revealing costume as they engage in a sexy and intense fight! The match is full of erotic techniques that humiliate and shame their opponents, with Azusa's nipples even accidentally slipping out at times! Who will win, the senior Rabu Saotome or the junior Azusa Tojo?

Their excessive exposure in sexy costumes creates a clash of female pride! They may have a senior-junior relationship, but when it comes to the battle, there is no seniority or juniority!

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