BTR-06 Pro Style Battle Tōryūmon Vol.6


Gateway to the B-1 Tournament!! Will you shine or crawl on the ground in your first step towards reaching great heights?

The B-1 Tournament is a prestigious battle where only star players can participate. In order to select the best players for the tournament, a selection process is held among the mixed players. However, there are some players whose skills are unknown as they haven't appeared in many works. Therefore, this tournament was created to focus on the possibility of hidden talents, the "gems", among them. This work is the "first gateway to the B-1 Tournament"!! Increase your popularity and skills at this mixed-up gateway and rise to the stage of battle. Finally, the gateway work that leads to the path of stardom is here. Everything starts from here!! Four players, who are like "carps" climbing the "waterfall" to reach the path of stardom, gather for the first match. They will showcase their talents and shine in the game!!

First match

Cherry Hanyu
She has a cute smile and a calm impression, but in reality, she is very competitive. She aims to win with her "Cherry Bomb" move.

Aina Nanaya
She is a novice wrestler who is skilled in "Shining Wizard" and kicking techniques. She has a very competitive personality and shows a "heel" side.

This is a debut match between two new wrestlers. Nanaya, who joined the battle a little earlier, is technically the senior, but the experience difference is small. Cherry, the junior, clearly shows hostility towards Nanaya. She fights with her emotions exposed, looking down on her opponent and hurling insults. Which one will win the first match with a white star!?

Second match

Shiori Kashimiya
She is a new wrestler with an athletic personality who uses her agility to bewilder her opponents with flying techniques. She dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee!

She is a rising star in the battle world with a unique speech style and outstanding figure. She uses joint techniques with her long arms and legs to corner her opponents.

Kashimiya, who has good driving force, takes the lead and pushes Koyomi, but she is quickly caught and trapped in a joint technique. The two continue to attack each other using their strengths, gradually wearing down each other's stamina. Who will emerge victorious in the end!? This is a newcomer's battle that promises a thrilling battle.

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