ASME-03 True mix pro wrestling & eros 03


Recommended third installment of the legendary series featuring the battle between professional wrestling and sex, where two people heatedly fight and violate each other on the ring driven by their desires!

Match 1: Ririna Yamaoka
Ririna Yamaoka is a lively and cute wrestler with a Lolita-like appearance, whose bold professional wrestling and sex skills corner male wrestlers. However, as the match progresses, she gradually loses control and becomes subjected to one-sided attacks! Her humiliating expressions are a must-see!

Match 2: Riho Watarase
With a calm demeanor, Riho Watarase is an elegant older sister who skillfully entices men with her erotic techniques during the battle fuck! The male wrestler uses his strength and waist movements to drive this beautiful woman to ecstasy! Will they do it or be done? What will be the outcome of the serious technique battle between men and women?

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