BHTS-01 Babyface vs Heel Tag Match Special 01


One is the ace of FGI, and the other is the BWP champion. They recognize each other as rivals and have fought to the death so far, but now they are teaming up in an unexpected turn of events!?

The trigger was an unfair defeat.
One day, Mitsuki Nagisa, the FGI ace and BATTLE Junior class champion, was challenged by Leila Fujii. Mitsuki overwhelmed Fujii in the match, but suddenly Luna Shimotsuki interfered in the match! Mitsuki, who was subjected to Luna's cowardly tactics, suffered an unexpected defeat. Mitsuki was in despair and anger, feeling that she had to win no matter what the situation... Her biggest rival and the BWP champion, Nana Maezono, appeared before Mitsuki and urged her to team up and seek revenge against Fujii and Shimotsuki.

Thus, a miracle babyface super tag was born...
After the match, the two were the same as always...

They acknowledged each other and rebelled against each other as rivals while seeking each other out... It was thought that the two would never come together, but seeing them hold hands like this in such an exciting development was incredible!! Here, the miracle tag was realized...!! However, due to their self-confidence and their constant fighting as enemies, their coordination was lacking, and they were thrown off by the heel tactics of their opponents, causing them to lose the first of the three matches. Can rivals really work together...? No, these are two people with unquestionable skills. They sometimes argue, but they will find their rhythm. And...

Even during the match, could there be a falling out between teammates!? Pay attention to the relationship between these two who can't team up honestly because of their rivalry!!

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