BCMC-42 Custom match CATFIGHT 42


Packed with a single desire, born precisely because it's a singular desire! This time, it's a full-length custom story with the same content!

Everyone is unique, with countless variations and diverse desires. As this content resonates with your heart, you will surely become irreplaceable friends...!!

Bring your own unique martial arts world to life with a custom order! This work is completely different from the pre-custom match series, which combines scenes, settings, and costumes based on the specific requests of customers. Instead, it is a dream project where customers have the opportunity to specify an entire match within a limited time, making it easier to realize their personal fantasies. Normally, to release it as a product, an appropriate recording time is required, so additional matches similar to the customer's custom concept are included. If customers purchase multiple shooting slots or if the battle side utilizes the story created by the customer to create a longer-length production, it is completed as a single work!

This time, it's a customer custom work that focuses on camera angles. Among them, there is a strong preference for angles that provide a clear view of the opponent being defeated, allowing for a comprehensive view of the techniques and clear visibility of the faces. There is a clear desire to vividly capture the sight of the wrestlers suffering, even taking measures to keep the camera stable during strikes. The desires of customers who show attention to details in costumes and the wrestlers' performances have been successfully realized through the passionate performances of Mei Takara and Hina Sonoda! Please thoroughly enjoy the clear and distinct portrayal of Sonoda's submission as she falls victim to Takara's one-sided domination in this wrestling match!

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