BXBN-08 Sexy Costume MIX Battle NEO Volume.8


A sexy wrestler with a small cloth area tempts a male wrestler into an extreme fight!!"

Never would have thought he would be wrestling now. With a tight V-zone and a plump, fully exposed T-back, and a sexy neckline that could easily slip and reveal all, Nanae Momoka appears in this extremely erotic style. The male wrestler is enraged, saying she is disrespecting wrestling! He vigorously attacks Nanae Momoka with the Ankle Lock and other signature moves, but she easily counters them and takes control of the pace. As they exchange techniques like the Headlock and Armbar, the male wrestler realizes that Nanae Momoka's sexy costume is just a trap. He then begins to use his superior size and strength to make a comeback. Both wrestlers push themselves to the brink with powerful moves and exhausting efforts. In this serious match, they forget that they are wearing bold costumes and engage in a daring battle of physical prowess. Will the sexy wrestler with her daring open-leg moves come out on top? Or will the male wrestler's physical advantages win him the match?

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