DTJ-01 Tokyo Underground Women's Pro Wrestling 1


Do you know that there's a secret club in Tokyo? This one sentence we happened to hear fueled our reporting team's motivation. It's a secret club that exists for the purpose of practicing combat sports such as professional wrestling and boxing in Tokyo. This organization is said to be made up of male and female volunteers who come together to engage in activities. They pool their funds together to bring in top-notch opponents, and there are even special matches arranged between members. We were lucky enough to make contact with a man who has deep connections to the industry, and we obtained the rights to sell the footage of the matches taking place in that ring. Of course, what we were allowed to sell was only a small portion of the match records of the female wrestlers that he's sponsoring. Truly underground...

Female pro wrestlers battling it out in a secret underground ring!!
It seems that the patron of the secret club is entitled to personally take commemorative photos, and these photos were also borrowed from the man who is one of the investors. The man, who passionately spoke about being able to arrange fights between these beautiful women, gave us this data.

Busty underground wrestler "Asami"
A wrestler who begged powerful people to allow her to step foot into this secret club, where she can experience a pleasure that cannot be found on the surface. Today, she fights for the sake of enjoying the pleasure of tormenting her opponents.

Cute fighter "Yuka"
A female pro wrestler who is kept by a certain man. She has a track record in public matches, and there are many fans of her fights even within this secret club, where the audience increases when she fights...

The second installment of leaked footage from the rumored underground combat club! That footage showed two female pro wrestlers, "Yuka" and "Asami," facing off on the underground mat! The screams of the wrestler being subjected to a technique resounded throughout the underground... Who will emerge victorious after the fierce battle and trample on the other's pride!!

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