FGV-78 Fighting Girls 14 Commemorative MIX Tag Match Elena Natsume & Rurimi Ishikawa


A luxurious mixed tag match featuring two participants from Fighting Girls 14!

Third-generation FG queen Elena Natsume, who made a stunning debut, and the charming Sakura Shinomiya with a dynamite body team up to take on male wrestlers! With FG14 just around the corner, this is a warm-up MIX tag match! However, in this match where they could easily suffer a bitter experience if they let their guard down, they cannot afford to lose at this important time!

FG14 fighters warm up with a mixed fight!

A trap of 2 against 1!! They have to counterattack skillfully to avoid losing!
When they become separated, the male wrestlers rush in with a double attack! Will they lose their fighting spirit due to this cowardly move? They fight back with the same tactics to seek revenge!

They gradually wear down the opponent's stamina!! The finishing blow is their special move!
The two women relentlessly chase down the male wrestlers with a flurry of moves, waiting for the perfect moment to strike with their techniques! Who will be the last one standing in the ring?

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