B-1TM-41 B-1 Tournament sixth Semifinal second match


Which will advance to the top, the cute girl or the bewitching beauty?
The 6th B-1 tournament has begun! A special tournament with 8 selected participants!

Intense emotions for the finals created a great match!
The 6th tournament heads into the second match of the semi-finals. Ayuna Nako changes her name to Ichinose Koi and enters the tournament with a fresh start. Aoi Chie, who fought through a fierce battle that was called the de facto final in the first round, aims to advance to the finals! Aoi shows her composure and cannot afford to lose to the idol-like fighter Ichinose, but she is forced into a difficult situation by Ichinose's unexpected growth! The match becomes a big melee...!
Aim for the title of B-1 queen, the proof of the strongest battle!

The road to the finals is difficult! The tearful conclusion of the loser is a must-see!
The battle of the women's souls, where their bodies and emotions clash! Witness a great match!!
Despite being a semi-final, this fight has already become equivalent to a special match held by top fighters in terms of level and value! Aoi Chie, a powerhouse who cannot afford to lose to the idol-like Ichinose Koi (formerly known as Ayuna Nako), struggles against Ichinose's unexpected improvement! They are forced into a close match! And when the tension reaches its peak, the match takes a big turn! This is a fantastic match that combines eroticism, strength, and sporty moves!

Visual stunning beauties collide with their emotions!

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