BVSA-09 Battle Regular Army vs. Anti-Battle Alliance Total War Chapter 9 Shoho Egami's Comeback from Defeat!


Revenge match of the Masters tournament six months ago!! Can Yua Hidakas's unbeatable streak continue, or will Shio Egami be completely defeated again? Can Egami, who is in despair, rebuild herself from scratch and get revenge?

Egami, who has been losing and hit rock bottom, can she get revenge on the tough opponent Yua Hidaka from six months ago and turn things around? This battle took place in December 2016, half a year ago. Egami Shio and Hidaka Yua clashed in the first round of a tournament competing for the new Masters belt. Egami, who had just become the new Extreme champion, was expected to have an advantage, but she suffered a crushing defeat from the underdog Hidaka. Since this defeat, Egami has fallen into a slump and has yet to recover. On the other hand, Hidaka is still in great shape and is eyeing the Masters belt, despite narrowly losing in the Masters final.

Although it's a non-title match, Hidaka is in great shape and dominates the fight one-sidedly... Egami, who is in despair and hit rock bottom, can't stay like this forever... so she vows to get revenge on her arch-nemesis Hidaka and settle the score from six months ago. She plans to start over from scratch, throwing away the dignity and pride of a champion, and trains hard with her male trainer. On the other hand, Hidaka only had her eyes set on the Masters belt held by Maori Mai, and saw the fight with Egami as just an exhibition match. Originally, it was supposed to be a title match, but Hidaka showed no interest in the Extreme belt held by the "weak champion" Egami Shio and turned it into a non-title match. Egami faces Hidaka head-on with her back against the wall, seeking revenge. However, Hidaka was not affected by Egami's moves... Hidaka purposely took Egami's moves and now it's her turn to strike back... Egami was about to experience a fear she had never felt before... What will be the fate of Egami Shio?

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