IGSF-04 Infinite Girls Special Fight 04


Superheroine showdown realized!! SaRa Ichinose will face off against superstar Mao Hamasaki!!

The beautiful and sharp attacks of the genius sexy wrestler Mao Hamasaki!!
SaRa Ichinose, who has been fighting a series of tough battles, has made remarkable growth and cannot afford to lose!

SaRa Ichinose, a heroine of the K-CAT PROJECT, continues to fight against the strong enemies of Infinity X.
She has learned and absorbed their strength from these formidable opponents, and has made remarkable progress.
She is undoubtedly a star player who is a future ace candidate.
Her opponent this time is Mao Hamasaki, the superstar who has just entered Infinity X and already possesses unparalleled star quality.
She has many skills that utilize her innate talent and strength.
Furthermore, she fights in a sexy costume that not only showcases her strength, but also captivates people with her "charming fight".
Once again, a formidable opponent that SaRa Ichinose cannot easily defeat has appeared, attracting attention as a new star of the era.
SaRa Ichinose, who is occasionally a heel with a pure and innocent look, will face off against the sexy and genius Mao Hamasaki in a Superheroine showdown that cannot be missed!!

Competitors: Mao Hamasaki/SaRa Ichinose
Director: Hirosuke Hitomi/Infinity X

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